• The infrastructure is made up of a consortium of four strong research partners
  • It forms a national node to the ACTRIS European research infrastructure
  • It focuses on research of the formation, transformation and effect of atmospheric aerosols on climatic phenomena and air pollution
  • It has available results and data set thanks to long-term monitoring of air quality and meteorological parameters
  • It represents the background level of pollution in Central Europe



  • Unique, long-term and high time resolution data on chemical and physical properties of aerosols
  • 250 m tall mast designed for exclusively scientific purposes (within the Czech Republic)
  • The most continentally located station within the ACTRIS network
  • The only station in the world where the two largest networks of MONET and GAPS passive monitoring blend
  • Linking ACTRIS and ICOS activities at one infrastructure

Measurement and Research:

  • Long-term air quality monitoring
  • Atmospheric aerosols
  • Emergent organic pollutants
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Global climate change
  • Meteorological measurements


WMO visit at NAOK
Visit of WMO Chief Scientist Director Reaserch  Pavel Kabat at 1st December 2018. ...
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  Zasedání SAB – ACTRIS-CZ Scientific and Advisory Board meeting 20.-22.11. 2017 proběhne v prostorách Národní atmosférické obser...

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