Open Access

Open Access

The ACTRIS-CZ RI provides the “Open Access” possibility. The “Open Access” option is serving the infrastructure users who can, upon request, use physical or virtual access.

Physical access is such a type of use where the user directly visits the infrastructure and implements a relevant project approved by the ACTRIS-CZ Expert Board. The project may take the form of an expert group training or carrying out the own measurements within the ACTRIS-CZ RI at the site of the Košetice National Atmospheric Observatory (NAOK).

Virtual approach means submitting a request for data produced by the ACTRIS-CZ RI relating exclusively to the NAOK activities. Both types of access are subject to the General Licence Terms. Applying for physical access you automatically agree with Accomodation Rules and Workspace Health and Safety conditions.

Users of the ACTRI-CZ research infrastructure must include an acknowledgement in their research reports and scientific publications according to the following pattern:

„The research leading to these results has received funding from the project for support of the Large research infrastructure ACTRIS – participation of the Czech Republic (ACTRIS-CZ - LM2018122) – Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.“

Please send your completed application by e-mail to The application will be further submitted to the ACTRIS-CZ Expert Board for consideration. The usual time for reviewing the application by the ACTRIS-CZ Expert Board is 2-4 weeks.





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